Monday, 7 January 2019

Tourist attractions in Madura 2019, which you should visit

When you feel bored with all the routines, of course the holidays are something that is always expected by most people. Of course, as you spend time with the holidays, you will refresh your mind so that you can be more eager to make the routine work again.

If you don't have a program to determine a holiday, mature may be your right choice. Yes, mature is an island located in East Java. It has an area of about 5 168 square kilometers surrounded by several small islands around it. On the island you can find a wide variety of unique mature cultures that are certainly much loved getting lost.

Not only were there a number of attractions that were visited, they would have thought that there were tourist attractions in mature that seemed to save a lot of interesting things. So what tourist attractions can you visit? See the following comment.

The first mature tourist destination you can visit is Rongkang Bangkalan Mature beach, located at the DS. Kwanyar Barat, Kwanyar District, regency of Bangkalan or about 35 km in Bangkalan. When you visit this tourist attraction you will find rocks and trees that grow around the beach. Another attraction that makes many tourists visit this place is the presence of small corals that are in the sand, making this beach look unique.

Near the beach of Rongkang there is also a small hill that is not far from Subramad. So you can see the view of the vehicle passing through the bridge. And most tourists come in the afternoon or at night.

Kros Arosbaya Hill is a popular attraction of maturity among people. Before becoming a tourist attraction, the hill of Arosbaya Kapur was once a limestone mine. But because of their unique views and they feel interested in coming back.

In this tourist attraction you will find sculptures in limestone hills made by miners who make it seem interesting, so many of them have captured it as a souvenir. To be able to reach the sculptures there are several steps you can climb. and used by miners to climb the limestone hill. In addition to the limestone hills of this region, there is also a place of pilgrimage, namely the tears of the mother.

Even with the beaches, you can visit the mature Sambilangan beach, known as a very exotic beach. Located about 7 km south of the town of Bangkalan, namely, in the village of Sambilangan, district of Bangkalan, mature.

It could be said that the tourist attractions of Madura is a beach whose existence is still remote and very natural. However, when you arrive at the site, you will be charged a vehicle entry ticket, for vehicles with wheels subject to a tax of 3000 rupees, while for 2 wheels it costs only 2000 rupees.