Thursday, 24 September 2015


Gulf Blue, Heaven Hidden in Banyuwangi

One more hidden paradise in Banyuwangi are still not well-known like the green bay, red island, the crater of Ijen, etc. Which have almost similar name to green bay, the Blue Bay.
This one is different bay with green bay. If the green bay has beautiful white sand and sea water a greenish color. If the Blue Bay has a beautiful underwater beauty.

BLUE BAY / Blue Bay one alternative snorkeling in banyuwangi besides beach bama in glaze or wasp island. Blue Bay underwater beauty is not inferior to both tours above. The sea here is also still beautiful and yet terekpose, evident from the color of the clear blue sea. That's why the bay is called BAY BLUE or Blue Bay.

To avoid another blast fishing, the area is protected by the surrounding community named Pokmaswas Thunderous (Movement Muncar Rumahku). This community has several environmental conservation activities. Among them are planting fish in the waters Tembokrejo 4haektar apartment, transplantation of coral reefs in the Gulf of blue, and planting mangrove trees on the beach tratasyang aim to save the natural surroundings. Blue bay locations are in southern districts Muncar Banyuwangi behind Sembulungan peninsula, the Gulf is still entered in the National Park Alas Purwo. Communities around the bay called the blue as Senggrong.
Land access to the blue bay is still there, the only access to the Gulf through the only Blue Sea,

so if you want there to be contact Pokmaswas Thunderous Cp. + 62853 3847 6654 (Coordinator Gemuruh) +62822 3100 7722 (Ratri-Koor.Ekowisata) 41 709 3311 +6282 Vindy-koord.ekowisata) +62878 5740 4128 (eco), you are provided the means 1. Boat or boat transportation, 2. travel safety equipment (Lifejacket), 3. Snorkeling equipment, 4. Media Transplantation, 5. Accommodation / Stay and 6. meal to go there, every adventurer wearing Cost USD 150.00rb to $ 200,000 rb / person. Muncar waves in the area is quite large so if you want to visit the Blue Bay Destinations in the week to 4 September to May end, for June-September in Cover with consideration of weather / sea water. Long trip from the Gulf to the Blue Muncar approximately 2 hours drive.

The following photo photo Blue Bay

Schedule Blue is sailing to the Gulf;
1.Checkin at Wisma port muncar / Disekretariat Thunderous Pkl.17.00 pm
2.makan street vendors. 20.00 pm
3.Bulan April-May departed Dr. muncar Pkl.12.00 mlm - home dr blue bay Pkl.12.00 pm
Departing September 4.Bulan Dr. Muncar street vendors. 02.00 pm - return dr blue bay Pkl.10.00 pm
5.Setiap visitors are required to wear Life jacket during a trip
6.Setiap visitors lend snorkeling equipment, Damaged or lost responsibility visitors
7.Wajib join conservation activities / planting artificial reefs / Transplant 5:00 pm
5-6 8.Nikmati beauty spot snorkeling blue bay street vendors. 06:00 pm s / d 10:00 to 12:00 pm
9.Makan Pkl.09.00 pm in blue bay
10.Jaga hygiene blue bay / jgn litter (bins provided)
11.Sebelum home, snorkeling equipment Ceck
12.Makan street vendors. 14:30 pm on Pensions
13. Checkout Pkl.15.30 pm
you can enjoy the sunrise at sea