Sunday, 27 September 2015

Ngalau Beautiful, Natural Goa Payakumbuh

Ngalau Beautiful is the name of a cave on the slopes of the hills which are in Payakumbuh. Location Ngalau Beautiful itself is located in the city Payakumbuh, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. These tourist sites right on the entrance gate Payakumbuh city and become one of the mainstay tourist sites Payakumbuh. Location of this hilly region demands that we have to cross the road slightly uphill, but the views presented quite beautiful. Attractions Ngalau Beautiful can be reached by land transportation. From the city of Padang to Payakumbuh, the trip takes about 3 hours by private vehicle or public transport. If using public transport, the fare between Rp.20.000,00 to Rp. 25,000.00 per person.

Down into the cave area (abdomen cave), this cave has a space in a fairly wide, in this cave we are presented with unique ornaments that stalagmite and stalactite caves. Stalagmites and stalactites sticking spread in some corner of the cave, with a wide variety of forms beautiful and exotic. There are also some interesting artificial bridges to serve as spots for berfoto2. Dinding2 cave with hollow-cavity textures are also not to be outdone show off the beauty of the performance. Do not miss the animal epidemic bat cave that reveal themselves by hanging in atap2 cave.

So that the tourists can enjoy the view Ngalau more freely, the local government to build some supporting facilities, such as lighting, connecting road and stairs, a large parking area, playgrounds are clean and spacious, food stalls and hawkers, and for enthusiasts outdoor sports, here there is a swimming pool that can be used. Fasilitas2 had made a beautiful Grotto cave region has become a favorite tourist destination for people Payakumbuh city and surrounding areas.

Privileged Goa is a beautiful grotto of the top perbukitaan around the grotto, visitors can see the panoramic view of the city Payakumbuh that lie in sight. Fusion procedure urban buildings, green trees and a vast expanse of paddy fields is a unity of sheen Payakumbuh.

While the scenery around the grotto is also no less interesting. Before entering into a grotto, or rather in front of the entrance of the tourists were greeted with a carving of the stone that resembles an elephant. Entering the grotto, the tourists will get treats a variety of stone carvings carved on the grotto. Various shapes and engraved rocks are named according to the stone shape, such as chairs, mosquito nets, and a bedroom. The visitors who feel tired or longer want to enjoy the beauty of the grotto can pause and sit relax on the stones. In another part grotto, there tira white stone which, when exposed to a beam of light bulbs, can reflect light so beautiful sheen.

Goa admission of between Rp. 5000 - Rp. 10.000, - / person. Payakumbuh available in some hotels are quite comfortable to stay, ranging from five-star hotels to budget class hotel. As well as places to eat, in this city there are also many food stalls serving various cuisines field.
For those of you who are curious to see first hand the beauty, berkuunjunglah to Payakumbuh city of West Sumatra and enjoy the beauty of Goa Ngalau Beautiful. (Frendita Utari / kw)