Sunday, 29 March 2015

Old Woman Trapped in Collapsed house ruins

Strong winds accompanied by heavy rains not only subvert 2 pieces tower and large trees. But the two houses in the hamlet Batuguluk, bazookas Village, District Rubaru, Sumenep collapsed.
One of the owners of the house, Mrs. Darusi elderly rubble walls of the house and suffered a fracture in the right calf. One local resident, Nuris (24) says, grandmother are buried ruins of the walls of his house was not able to run out of the house.
"Grandma was trying to get out of the house, but the walls of the house collapsed," said Nuris when contacted via cell phone on Wednesday (12/01/2011).
While the evacuation of casualties could take up to 30 minutes. Therefore, the ruins of the house was full of nails. "Lucky not to carry casualties, mas !," he said.
Information compiled, more than 20 homes in the District Batuputih, Sumenep or 24 KM from the city to the east of the power also hit by high winds.
The houses were heavily damaged citizens and light, in addition there is also a terrace urgency destroyed houses collapsed. One of them, belonging to Nihwi (46) villagers Tengedan. In fact, the strong winds that hit the archipelago to Kangean also damaging homes and amenities of home.
"Dozens of houses on the island Kangean also damaged. The urgency of flying. However, the exact number is not known," said one member of parliament Sumenep, Badrul Aini when contacted