Monday, 2 February 2015

Torn Land when Azan Subuh

PAMEKASAN-like a chain reaction, once in Sumenep, yesterday (21/6) a hamlet in the village land Pancor, Grujugan Village, District Prohibition, Pamekasan, also split. In fact, not only split, but also ambles up to a depth of 2-3 meters. The incident resulted in damage to the two houses of locals. However, lucky there were no casualties in the incident that occurred when the dawn call to prayer. However, most of the residents in the vicinity of its existence is threatened. The information collected in the field, at the time there was no rain fell. According to residents, when it was just the wind was blowing hard. "Suddenly the sound of thunder. We were shocked and immediately exit. Once outside, the roar was heard back, "said Maisaroh, 60, a local resident. Along with the first roar, said Maisaroh, direct electrical outages. Once the wind began ramps, right after the second roar, Maisaroh along with several other people took the flashlight and shocked after seeing his home ground in cracked and split. "We immediately sent out all that is in the house. Were still sleeping I wake to leave the house, "he said when met members of the media tense yesterday. Residents in remote villages totaling 300 families (about 700 people) were in a gang check the condition of the soil. Since then they are afraid because most of the paddy cracked and split, even sinkhole. One of the burial area residents also sinkhole. But unique, position or tomb remains unchanged from its original place. "We are all shocked by the incident. However this is very shocking incident, "he said. All citizens who encountered Java Post Radar Madura complain if they can no longer work. Understandably, all their paddy fields split and sinkhole. They did not dare to set foot on top of the rice fields scared split at any time and sinkhole. In fact, all crop farmers there, such as rice, maize, beans, cassava, spinach, beans, and so forth seem to flourish. "We are all confused, was not able to work, stay at home was too scared. Because sewaktuwaktu parts of the land could be widened and re-ambles. Especially if it rains, "said Abdullah, 47, a resident of Hamlet Pancor. Of all people, including the home Fathorrosi damaged by earth split. Therefore, the house right in the line of parts and the location of subsidence. Because of the enormity, the house was almost split in two. Building conditions also split. Well, in the visible parts of a very deep hole. "When our family events are still sleeping. Dawn wake-up call to prayer fitting. After that, all of a sudden my house shake and some walls collapsed. Without thinking, we immediately shouting and jump to the page, "said Fathorrosi. Other residents whose homes were damaged not as bad as Fathorrozi home. Haji Ado, 37, admitted going to the bathroom to take ablution when the incident took place. "Shocked remarkable, as there is a large object falling from the sky. Lucky my house is not as bad as belonging Fathorrosi. However, we are all vigilant and anxious fear these cracks widen, "he said innocently. Meanwhile, Secretary of the village (village secretary) Grujugan Aripin looked busy pacing since the morning to make sure there were no casualties in the incident. "I have a check and go all the residents in the village. Nothing was missing. If livestock such as chickens, there are some belonging to residents who lost, "he told the Jawa Pos Radar Madura. Described, for temporary residents whose homes were damaged or threatened by the presence of cracks or parts of the ground, can be used to evacuate to a neighbor's house. Furthermore, it continues to coordinate with the government ranks in Pamekasan and continue to monitor. Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBDs) Pamekasan Iskandar Shah could not dikonfi nical related incident in the village Grujugan split the earth. Java Post Radar Madura tries to call his cell phone, not responded despite a dial tone is concerned. (radar)

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