Saturday, 14 February 2015

students in Sumenep trance

Teaching and learning in MTs and Aliyah Miftahul Ulum, District of Batang-Batang, Sumenep, Madura commotion, Tuesday (7/4/2009) afternoon. Because the 25 students of mass trance. They mostly female students MTs (MTs). Mass trance that happens every day for 1 month. 7 schools attempt to bring smart people are not able to cast the evil. In fact, three days ago there was a student who almost jumped from the 2nd floor because of an unclean spirit. Trance hit them today stems from a student named Nurhayatun. He suddenly screaming, convulsions and rampage to other friends. This Nurhayatun behavior causes other female students participated possessed up to 25 children. One teacher, Asmawi (43) said, trance has occurred since the last month. Rituals are done school and smart people who deliberately brought not able to drive evil spirits belonging. "The school is still looking for other smart people are predicted to be able to cast it out," said Asmawi told reporters at the school on Tuesday (7/4/2009). He explained that last week the school perform the ritual slaughter a lamb. But the effort was in vain. In fact, when the school yard with salt by smart people even added a lot of boys and girls who possessed. "Salt was sown in the school yard. The goal, to cast it. But it still does not work," he said. Trance that often befall students of MTs and Aliyah is very disturbing lesson. The plan, the school will hold a prayer together and perform special rituals. "Good luck next business expel evil spirits," he concluded