Monday, 2 February 2015

strange bridge in Sumenep

The story, at around 23:50 pm, a resident named Bukhari (47), saw the light in the middle of the sea. Beam in the form of sparks and smoke. Along with the beam also sound like anyone voluntary work. In the morning, it suddenly appeared the bridge. "We've been there, there is a bridge that is well out of the stone, my dear entourage can not get too close because the current big waves," said district head Arjasa Purwo Edi Prayitno, Wednesday (30/01). The magical bridge length is approximately 1.5 kilometers and a width of about 7 meters with transverse to the west and east. Oddly enough, the bridge neat as that made by human and material composed of basalt. "It was previously there was no bridge, so very magical suddenly appeared bridges, strangely again was very neat," he said. Until now, local people do not know who made the bridge. They still remain a big question mark with a bizarre incident that shocked it. Locals call it the badminton invisible bridge. yesterday, more and more people are coming to Coral Island. Understandably, the emergence of Coral Island linked with certain myths by local people. Sadun, ordinary seaman circling around the site to find fish say, naturally shocked a lot of people around. Because, as well as himself, in the vicinity of previously known only as ordinary sea. "I used to catch fish around here, just no coral mound. It's like a rock out of the wrapper as white, "he said, surprised. In line with Sadun, Ahmadi local residents also said the same thing. Men who migrated to the new Balikpapan first saw corals accumulate as the result of human engineering. "Strange, is laid out like a coral cook man," he said while recording a situation of full human Coral Island.