Wednesday, 11 February 2015

no cavities and underground rivers, Sumenep

Geologist, consultant BNPB disaster risk assessment, Peter Mariono on Tuesday (06.18.13) describes, in other areas of landslides usually occur in areas with high slope. But in Sumenep is happening is land subsidence and split. "In the two areas that ambles gently sloping land. So what is happening is not a landslide, but the sinkhole, so it is difficult to predict. We have to check, under this land there is what, why can cause significant soil amblesnya," he said. Peter explained, based on the results of geological mapping has been done, in the village there Matanair Kecer and underground streams are disconnected. "So there is a cavity which is prone to cause a split in the movement of soil. The soil movement today is getting worse. Originally a depth of only 20 cm, depth of soil subsidence now reached 6 meters," he said. He said, look at the depth of soil amblesnya getting worse, it alarming that ambles cliffs will crumble. These conditions will be exacerbated if the rain. "The land is split and sinkhole that formed the walls. Its depth is now about 5-6 meters. It is quite alarming. A matter of time, could collapse at any time. The more there is rain, the soil will move faster," he explained. He added, now that he is detected, the possibility of the ground motion until when. It also tngah create vulnerability maps in Sumenep. "We were digging further, similar potential that occur anywhere. If the Hamlet Karongkong it, the location of the land movement of the circular shape of a horseshoe. If you are in Kecer Dasuk, forming a straight line," he said. Previously, surprising natural phenomenon occurred almost simultaneously at two locations in Sumenep, namely in the hamlet Kecer Laok, Kecer Village, District Dasuk, and Hamlet Karongkong, Matanair Village, District Rubaru. Land at two locations is suddenly split and sinkhole. Fortunately, no casualties in the incident. However agricultural lands owned by citizens who were planted chillies, peanuts, and cassava, broken and sinkhole. While some of the houses in the village Matanair threatened to collapse. The walls are cracked affected by ground shaking before split