Friday, 13 February 2015

compact uniform

Members of the group organizing the ballot (KPPS) 12 in the village of Kolor, City District, Sumenep, Madura, East Java, on Monday, dressed in traditional clothes.

Chairman KPPS 12 in the village of Kolor, Munawi Afi explains, it deliberately dressed in traditional clothes Madura to attract local voters. "We want to create awareness of voters to exercise their voting rights at the regional head election (election)," he said in Sumenep.

He also said he wanted to give the feel of an interesting difference in the implementation of the election, in order to lure voters to vote.

"Hopefully, we were dressed in traditional appearance can make all the voters in the polling stations we use their voting rights," he hoped. The number of voters in the polling station 12 / Village Kolor 339 people.

Besides KPPS 12 / Village Kolor, members Kepanjin KPPS 7 in the Village, City District, also dressed in traditional clothes of Madura.

Sumenep local elections were held on Monday was followed by eight pairs of candidates, namely Human Hasan-Goddess Caliph, A. Karim-Sungkono Busyro Sidik, Malik-Rahmat Effendi, Bambang Mursalin-M. Saleh Abdullah, Samaruddin Toyib-Abdul Kadir, Kafrawi-Djoko Sungkono, Ilyas Siraj-Rasik Rahman, and Lewis-M. MuhsinA Amir. Sumenep Commission noted as much as 884 631 voters will exercise their voting rights at 2,128 polling stations spread across 27 sub-districts